Alicia Ruach

Holistic Designer

Alicia brings a charismatic, genuine and personable approach to designing unique spaces for her clients.

Alicia spent 8 years in the Sports & Entertainment business where she project managed and lead her team to execute the largest special events the City of Toronto has ever witnessed. Her background has carried over many invaluable skills such as time management, high attention to detail, project planning & execution, financial management and the ability to problem solve in any given situation. 

Alicia can recall endless memories spent renovating and designing her childhood home alongside her parents, which has given her a keen eye for design. As an avid traveler she has absorbed cultures, design and art from all over the globe which allows her to draw from a wide base of décor inspiration to be implemented into any design. Her passion for design has never faded which has lead her to obtaining an Interior Design Diploma from The Interior Design Institute and Holistic Interior Design Ad. Diploma from The Holistic Design Institute in the UK. Alicia is an accredited member of the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA Canada), Practitioner Member of HDI and Certified Green Accredited Professional (Green AP) of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

As a former championship athlete and successful professional, Alicia understands the importance of having a space to retreat to, for enjoyment and relaxing while unwinding from the stresses and pressures of the everyday grind. Alicia recognizes the connection between an individuals home environment and the positive impact it has on their physical health and mental wellness. When designing and decorating spaces, Alicia implements key components of health & wellness into her designs drawn from her education in Health Science, Bachelors Degree at York University and Holistic Interior Design, Ad. Diploma. 

Alicia launched her holistic interior design boutique in a quest to curate spaces that are physically, mentally and aesthetically woven together to promote wellness, nourish the soul and exude style; with equal importance of selecting sustainable products, materials and finishes.  Striving always to exceed client’s expectations, her company operates with integrity and accountability. At the core of her company, we design spaces that are healthy for the occupant and the planet.


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