Full Service Design

Need a fully executed design from concept to final installation? We manage every single detail with this turn-key, white glove service. We help decide your style and vision for your home  through to the final installation & styling.

Step 1

Initial Contact

The initial email you send us or phone call you make to us is a great opportunity for us to learn a bit about your project and what you are hoping to achieve. It is somewhat of an interview process, where you are assessing if we are the right fit for your project, as well as, our assessment of whether your project is right for our design boutique. We pride ourselves on being flexible and working with all design styles, different budget ranges, and different personalities. Of course you are welcome to book a free 30 minute discovery call where we dig a bit deeper into your vision for your project.

Discovery Call up to 30 mins is Free

Phase 1

The Initial Consultation

Every project begins with The Initial Consultation, which is an in-home consultation for up to 2-hours. During this time we will discuss initial thoughts and ideas, provide feedback and suggestions, and walk-through each room to determine your style and how you live. The goal of the consultation is to establish a scope of work for your project. It is an information filled session where we provide you with our best ideas and expert insights for your project. This is why we ask for a fee to cover the time and expertise we invest in this step. We also take this time to talk about the design process and what to expect when working with us. All of our design advice happens on-site verbally. 

The Initial Consultation fee is $495 + HST

Following the Initial Consultation if you would like to initiate the process of working together on your project, our team puts together a ‘Design Fee Estimate Proposal’ based on the scope of work discussed at the in-home consultation. This document details the scope of work for the entire project, our design intent and goals, the estimated design fee, the payment terms, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions for your review and approval.

Please note: The Initial Consultation does not include any physical design work such as re-arranging furniture, styling, etc. All recommendations happen on-site. 

Phase 2

Site Measure & Planning

The Fee Estimate Proposal and Agreement is approved and the initial advance on our design fee is received to signal the start of the project – Phase Two. A thorough site assessment is essential to a successful outcome. During the site measure and planning, we assess and document the conditions of the existing space, take measurements and photographs for reference. For a complete renovation project, you are also welcomed to invite your contractors and trades to this meeting to discuss feasibility of initial concepts and ideas. 

Phase 3

Design Concept, Research, Sourcing & Presentation​

A full design plan starts to take shape based on the initial concepts we discussed at the consultation; and involves a lot of work behind-the-scenes! We develop a design direction for your project, which include detailed drawings, floor plans and sketches, as well as, the selection of all materials, fixtures, furnishings and decor elements. During this step we are happy to work with the trades people you hire to gather quotes and estimates to include in the initial project budget, which is also developed during this phase.

The Presentation is an exciting day! We schedule an in-person meeting to review the details of your custom design plan. This includes all drawings, sketches, colour scheme, digital presentation boards, fabric samples, furniture selections, budget breakdown and timeline. With approval of the design concept and project budget, the balance of the design fee, plus 75-100% of the furnishings budget is required to commence Phase Four.

The design fee for Phase Two & Three is outlined in the ‘Design Fee Estimate Proposal’ established after the consultation.

Phase 4

Project Coordination & Installation​

In this final phase we manage the procurement of all the furnishings and decor products, track and manage all orders for the project; and coordinate all of the on-site activity to bring the design concept to life. For complete renovation projects, we are meeting with the contractors and trades you hired to discuss our plan and making the agreed upon site visits to ensure our design plans are being carried out according to our specifications. There are a lot of moving pieces in any renovation or decorating project, and we are dedicated to ensure it all comes together for a final reveal at the completion of the project!

The design fee for Phase Four is based on a percentage of the project budget determined in Phase Three.

Benefits of working with us

Making time for what matters

Time is the one thing you can never get back. As a design professional in the field, we know: how to design a space; what to consider when curating a design; what items to source; where best to source from and how to pull it all together for you because we do this every single day.
What does your time mean to you?

Establishing a plan

Knowing where to start can be the stumbling point for many home owners. Our comprehensive design package simplifies the process. These plans help you to visualize your stunning new space which enables you to make informed decisions before committing to a renovation or decorating project.

Alleviating stress

There are many decisions to be made in every aspect of a design project that can quickly become overwhelming especially under constrained timelines. We rely on our expertise and processes to provide a seamless and enjoyable design experience, to help our clients live a more fulfilled lifestyle in their homes that nourishes the soul, promotes wellness and exudes their style.

Peace of mind

We are 100% confident in the job that we do. We use suppliers, manufacturers and specialty trades with outstanding reputations & emphasis on attention to detail, to deliver interiors designed for you.

Ready to get started?

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